20th June 2017

Year 7 History Trip to Castle Rising & Castle Acre

children on a school trip

The History trip was very, very fun!  First, we went to Castle Rising which had a really deep moat which we did a demonstration of a battle with, also we saw an old chapel ruin. We then went in and saw the actual castle, it was cool because it was a ruin, but they had put up some bridges and supports to make sure you could go up onto the first, second and third floors.

After that we went to the monastery at Castle Acre, where the monks used to live and pray. We had to be quiet because we needed to respect the tradition that the monks started. We explored the even more ruined monastery and did some duels in the fields with some wooden swords we brought in the gift shop, then we went back, most people brought an ice cream in the second gift shop, then we headed back to school.


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