30th June 2017

Year 6 & 7 visit Spain at the Europa Centre

children on a school trip

On our visit to the Europa Centre we got a flavour of Spain whilst doing the exciting activities they had. We started the day by going into the classroom and the staff introduced themselves in Spanish, explaining which Spanish-speaking country they came from, and also taught us some new vocabulary for our activities. Then we got the opportunity to go to Spain but without being in Spain.

We went around the ‘town’ in mixed groups from A-D and we pretended to buy things and find out information in Spanish. We also were given a missing person per group to find out about and we asked the staff two questions each about him/her and wrote it down in our booklets. We got to dress up in the clothes shop and in the fruit and vegetable store. We bought cinema tickets to the Smurfs 2 or “Los Pitufos” and other films.

I, personally, haven’t been doing Spanish for that long, so I don’t know as much as other Year 7s and going to the Europa Centre helped me learn more of the language. I enjoyed the trip; however, if I could improve one thing, it would be to have more shops with more owners. Overall, I think the trip was a great experience!  ¡Fue estupendo!


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