12th December 2017

A Bard’s Breakfast with the Year 6 Company of Actors

This morning, we, The Year 6 Company of Actors, performed our very own version of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to our parents who were eating homemade bread and jam.

We rehearsed a lot and we were separated into groups to write the nine scenes. Then, we were selected for the different parts and each received some lines to learn. The play was twenty minutes long but everyone could understand the storyline. We added comedy to the original romantic tragedy to make it more exciting and fun. For example, Ben did a ninja roll when he came on stage in the Balcony scene!

The play started at eight thirty five and finished at nine. The food was amazing, it was handmade by our parents and we all helped to serve the breakfast and coffee.

All of us enjoyed it very much and hope to do another play soon.

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