30th January 2018

Cambridgeshire Schools Chess | Round 4 Report

The 4th round of the Cambridgeshire Schools Chess Championship took place at St Faith’s School on Saturday.  The Sancton Wood team played two matches, the first against Haslingfield, which was won 5-0.  The second match was against St Bede’s which was won 4-1.  Neither of these teams were able to field a full side, but all the ‘live’ matches that the Sancton Wood players took part in were played in a fair and competitive spirit!
Adam (Year 6) won both his games with his customary calm skill, and Benjamin (Year 6) finished off a close fought game with a skilful rook and king checkmate.  Charlie (Year 6) fought hard in a see-saw match that saw both players with winning chances, but a draw in the end was a fair result.
Well done also to two players playing for the school for the first time: Ned (Year 8) and Oliver (Year 7), who both won points for their team.  Ned looked to be in a losing position in his last game but fought to the end, and it eventually ended in a draw by stalemate, which illustrates the golden rule of never giving up!
The children should be very proud of the way they represented themselves and the school, and the results propelled Sancton Wood up 6 places in the table. 
The next round of matches take place on Saturday, March 3rd. 
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