13th November 2020

Anti-Bullying Support Team

children in their sancton wood school uniform


As part of our approach to Anti-Bullying Week, I am delighted to announce that we have introduced an Anti-Bullying Support Team at our Senior school.  Following on from Mrs King’s Anti-Bullying Week assembly, we have established a group of students from across the school who will help us to stop bullying and also support students who feel they may be being bullied.

They met this week with Mrs Settle to discuss their founding principals, which read as follows:

  • To empower children and young people to tackle all forms of bullying.
  • To provide support to any child who feels sad, lonely, isolated or bullied.
  • To work with staff to quickly tackle instances of unkindness.
  • To encourage ‘talking schools’ where all children and young people are given a safe space to discuss bullying and other issues that affect their lives, and are supported to report all forms of bullying; and
  •  To raise awareness of the impact of bullying on children’s lives if they don’t tell anyone it’s happening.


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