8th March 2023

Book Week

We love books! So, from our babies to our teenagers, we went for World Book Week with all the gusto it deserves. At our nursery we enjoyed lots of stories, activities and and special guests and held a big book party. A tiger caused havoc when he came to tea, eating all our food but came back later with some biscuits to apologise for his manners.

We continued our love of literature at our Prep School in lots of wonderful ways. We were visited by award-winning poet and author, Lucy Cuthew for a special workshop, we wrote a shared chapter book class by class, we visited Heffers book shop and Widdershins came to perform their magical theatre show. We enjoyed lots of activities such as ‘extreme reading’ locations, decorating rocks with our favourite book covers and decorating our classroom doors. Our dressing up parade was, as always lots of fun.

Our students over at the Senior School embraced their love of books and storytelling with a special assembly. They took part in a ‘Currently Reading’ challenge, matching staff to the books they are reading from clues. They created posters for books written by LGBTQ+ authors and enjoyed a ‘Blind Date’ with a book event, choosing books wrapped in brown paper. They also ‘stopped everything and read’ at intervals throughout the day which was a great reminder of how much enjoyment there is in making time to read books and share with others.

What a great week.

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