11th February 2022

Supporters’ Club Parent Talks

Many of you will recall that we launched a PSHE programme with Cambridge United called Supporters’ Club last year. This involves a trifold approach of boys only PSHE lessons, parenting talks and match day events.

The PSHE lessons are now well underway and have been delivered by CUFC are part of their collaborative ‘Mind Your Head’ programme. This project uses the powerful platform of sport and professional football to capture young people’s attention regarding the importance of good mental health. Covering topics such as Banter and Bullying, social media and Self-Image, The Benefits of Opening Up and Non-Violent Communication.

Somewhat annoyingly, the Parenting Talks had to be paused due to Covid.  However, as we emerge from that particular crisis, we are keen to reboot them and host the remaining sessions. The remaining talks are as follows:

16th May 2022, 4:15 at Sancton Wood Senior School – Power and Control in Families – Who’s in-Charge?

13th June 2022, 4:15 at Sancton Wood Senior School – Managing the Modern Family

26th September 2022, 4:15 at Sancton Wood Senior School – A look at the Inner Life of Teen Boys 

There’s no charge for the event and it is available to all parents in Cambridge. Parenting teenagers is hard work, and our experience has shown that many parents have fairly high confidence levels when it comes to parenting young children. Although it certainly is not easy, parents are much more hands-on at this stage and have significant access to other parents and teachers, most often at the school gates at the start and end of the day. This provides an invaluable opportunity for mutual support. However, once these children hit adolescence this confidence can disappear as the clear structures are removed as the children become more independent. It is normal for parents to feel ill-equipped to manage this stage, particularly single parents who have no other involved adult to share their worries with. Frequently, teenagers can make you feel that you’re failing as a parent, or that you just can’t get it right and worse that they no longer respect or even like you. Even the strongest and conscientious parents can lose sight of the good feelings they once had about themselves and it’s often difficult to know who to turn to when the going gets tough and we hope that this cycle of talks will help with that.

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